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How to Have the Best Valentine's Day Ever

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Whether you’re single, taken, or somewhere in between, Valentine’s Day is the ultimate excuse to pamper yourself all day long. To maximize the holiday, go for treats that feel good and do good. Nourish your body all day with delicious foods and healthy treats to look and feel great. Give these self-love ideas a try:

Tips to Have the Best Valentine’s Day

Sip smart. Start your day off right with a nice cup of coffee. To reap the health perks, skip the blended drinks that are more milkshake than mocha. Your morning caffeine fix does more than wake you up: studies suggest that caffeine has some potential health benefits.

Crazy for cacao. It just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without chocolate. And now there’s even more reason to love the sweet stuff: new research from Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center suggests that dark chocolate (70 percent Cacao) has some positive effects on stress and mood. So while you shouldn’t over do it, don’t feel bad reaching for an extra piece.

Go pro. You know who probably doesn’t get any love on Valentine’s Day — or most days, for that matter — your gut! Get on the prebiotic trend and help support your digestive health with Benefiber.

Berry good. If you had to name the dessert most associate with Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance chocolate covered strawberries might come up first. If you’re going to top them off with chocolate, remember to go dark! Strawberries deliver a lot more than sweetness. According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, studies suggest that they have antioxidants and other properties that may benefit your health.

Mind over matter. Sometimes nothing feels as indulgent as simply taking out a few minutes for your yourself. If you’re still waiting to download a meditation app, now is the perfect time to make that happen, as meditation can help relax you if you find yourself stressing over whether you picked the right Valentine's day gift.