Fiber & Weight Management

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3 Ways Fiber Helps With Weight Management

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1. High-fiber foods are naturally bulky, so they can make you feel full.

When you feel full, you tend to stop eating and consume fewer calories as a result. To get an idea how this might influence body weight, consider this: Reducing daily food intake by just 500 calories per day could result in positive outcomes to your weight management routine.1

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2. Fiber-rich foods are less calorie-dense.

That is, pound for pound, high-fiber foods are lower in calories than their counterparts in the high-fat aisle.2 So that fiber-packed apple you enjoyed as a snack? It may have been filling, but it certainly wasn't fattening.

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3. High-fiber foods typically require more chewing.

The slower you eat, the more time your stomach has to recognize when it's full, and the more likely you'll get that "stop" signal from your brain.3 Bottom line: The more you chew, the less you're apt to eat.

Don’t forget: Fiber alone is not enough. To stick with a healthy weight management regimen, it's important that you eat a healthy, calorie-controlled diet and make physical activity a part of each day.


In one study, individuals who ate at least 30 grams of fiber per day saw a positive impact on weight management over 12 months.4


Eating Healthy on the Go

It can be hard to maintain your weight when life is so busy. Here are a few easy swaps to keep you healthy on the go. Grab snacks like apples and almonds — they are high in fiber, which helps fill you up.5

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Eating a fiber-rich diet helps the body get its proper fill of energy and nutrients, so you feel fuller longer.

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9 Things You Can Do to Help Manage Your Weight

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1. Begin your day with a healthy breakfast.

When you skip breakfast you set yourself up for a morning plagued by hunger and temptation.6 Kick off your day with a light and healthy meal with fruit, yogurt, or whole-grain items like oatmeal, cereal, or toast.

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2. Don't miss meals.

If you map out your day around regularly scheduled meals, you'll be less apt to nosh on fattening foods.6 Again, choose healthy foods full of whole grains and fiber, and aim for a variety.

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3. Eat slowly.

By taking your time and chewing carefully, you'll give your stomach the chance to register when it's full—before you've eaten too much.7

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4. Find reasons to move.

The more you exercise, the more calories you'll burn. Go for a walk, ride a bike or just stand up and stretch as often as possible—every move matters!

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5. And speaking of motion, take the stairs.

If you're in the habit of riding the elevator, take the stairs instead. Even a few short flights will get your heart rate up and blood flowing.

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6. Stay hydrated.

Drink plenty of water and you'll be less likely to reach for unhealthy beverages. Make it easy: Carry a refillable water bottle everywhere you go.

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7. Opt for apples.

The average apple includes four grams of fiber—and because fiber is filling, this fruit is the perfect healthy snack.8

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8. Snack on nuts.

Almonds, pecans, and macadamia nuts are all healthy picks, as are Brazil nuts, cashews, and pistachios. A single handful between meals should be enough to stave off hunger.

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9. Get to bed early.

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, a good night's sleep can help promote cardiovascular health. Aim to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a night.9

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