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11 Easy New Year’s Resolutions

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Here are some simple New Year’s Resolutions to help you have a healthy 2019.

If you’ve been wanting to make some resolutions for 2019 but feel a little overwhelmed about choosing something that’s going to work for you, think simple. Even though big goals are great, if you start small, you’re more likely to keep the good habits you create in January, all year long.

Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

1. Incorporate More Steps Into Your Day

There are a lot of little ways you can seamlessly incorporate more steps into your routine. Start doing simple things like using the stairs instead of taking the elevator, meeting up with a friend for a walk instead of at a coffee shop, or parking farther away from the entrance to the mall or grocery store.

2. Make Healthy Food Swaps

There are certain food swaps that work so seamlessly into meals, your family won’t even notice the difference. Try simple substitutions like mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes, spiralized veggies instead of noodles, or ground chicken instead of ground beef in tacos.

3. Take a Daily Prebiotic

Improve your gut health by incorporating a plant-based prebiotic fiber like Benefiber into your daily meal plan.*

4. Drink More Water

Knock out two birds with one healthy resolution by mixing up a serving of taste-free Benefiber into three of your eight glasses of water a day . Consider adding pieces of fruit or cut-up cucumbers to your water to make those seven other glasses more enjoyable.

5. Soak Up Some Vitamin D

Getting your daily dose of vitamin D can help support your immune system, so spend some time out in the sun whenever you can (even when it’s chilly!) and consider a vitamin D supplement.

6. Practice Gratitude

Try listing one thing you’re grateful for at the end of every day. Over time, this habit will help you start to notice the small things more often, which can help to change your overall outlook for the better.

7. Compliment Someone Once a Day

Spread good vibes and promote positivity by complimenting someone on their hair, clothes, or a job well done — because doing good also feels good!

8. Prioritize a Regular Sleep Schedule

Getting a full seven to eight hours of sleep can actually help strengthen your immune system and help your body recharge, which means you can literally sleep a lot of your stress away! To promote a regular sleep cycle, go to bed at the same time every night and resist electronic usage right before bed.

9. Increase Your Activity

Working out doesn’t actually have to be work! Find a class or a gym that offers activities you truly enjoy, like walking on a track, yoga, Pilates, weightlifting, Zumba, or anything else you might be interested in. You can really choose anything, as long as it gets your heart rate up.

10. Try One New Healthy Recipe a Week

Even if cooking isn’t really your thing, learning something new helps your brain stay nimble, and eating at home is usually cheaper than takeout. Pinterest and Instagram are great for finding quick and easy recipes that meet your diet requirements.

11. Start a Journal

Track your thoughts about the day, including little things you’re grateful for, reminders, and goals, all in one place. Taking a few minutes each day to connect with yourself through journaling is an excellent way to stay open and honest with yourself.

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