How Travel Can Affect Digestion

Particularly when traveling abroad.

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Woman Walking with Man

Whether you’re taking a well-deserved vacation or heading to a big business conference, one major challenge of travel is the change in routine. The hassles of packing, going through airports, navigating new places and changes in diet can take a toll on your digestive system—which can make traveling uncomfortable. Getting enough fiber and keeping your digestive system healthy is a great way to stay regular so you can enjoy your trip.

Your Body’s Reaction to Change in Routine

When you change your routine, your digestive system can get upset and not run as smoothly as it should. When you're traveling, you might be eating and sleeping at different times of the day than what you're used to. If you're in a different time zone, your body is that much more disrupted. All of the new changes you're experiencing—from the stresses of traveling to all the new foods you're sampling—are new changes for your digestive system as well.

Healthy Eating on the Road

It's not surprising digestive troubles are common for travelers, especially those that travel abroad. In fact, 30% to 50% of people who visit developing countries can suffer from digestive issues.1 Trying new food is a lot of fun, but you often won't have all the control for planning sensible, healthy meals —especially in a different part of the world. But the challenges of eating on the road shouldn't stop you from getting your daily fiber intake—which is important to your digestive health and can help keep things running smoothly while on the road.

Getting Fiber While Traveling

Getting enough fiber can be difficult when you're on the road. High-fiber foods tend to be whole foods you find in a supermarket, not in the hotel vending machines. You can pack high-fiber foods for when you travel, like trail mix and dry cereal.

Sometimes it's not always practical to find high-fiber food on the road. An easy solution is to pack a fiber supplement like Benefiber to bring on your trip. Wherever you go, your daily intake of fiber can help promote the digestive health that can make traveling a lot less stressful.

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