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7 Tricks to Feeling Light and Healthy This Thanksgiving

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Tips for staying happy and healthy this Thanksgiving

Just because Thanksgiving is a day that’s mostly devoted to food (and sure, family is in there, too) doesn’t mean you have to fall into bed that night feeling like your stretchiest pair of pajamas barely fits. It’s 100 percent possible to enjoy everything on your plate and still feel light and healthy after all your guests leave; all you need to do is keep a few simple things in mind.

Eat a Balanced Breakfast

The temptation to skip breakfast and save your appetite for a big Thanksgiving dinner can be real, but this tactic can sometimes lead to hunger and overeating once you finally dig in. Eating a light, balanced breakfast, such as low-sugar yogurt and granola, eggs and whole-grain toast, or sugar-free oatmeal, can help you make better choices once it’s dinner time.

Work In Some Meditation

Stress-eating is no joke, and even though we all love our families, Thanksgiving can sometimes increase family-related tension. Spending a few minutes meditating and getting clear on how you want to treat your body and mind during the holiday can help nip a lot of nervous nibbling in the bud.

Drink a Glass of Water With Benefiber Before the Meal

Support your digestive health quickly and easily by drinking a glass of water with Benefiber Healthy Shape before the big meal. Not only can this combination help reduce your hunger, but Benefiber Healthy Shape is a prebiotic fiber that encourages a healthy digestive system.

Give Protein Priority

While you shouldn’t feel restricted when it comes to enjoying all the delicious options during Thanksgiving dinner, giving protein priority on your plate is a great way to feel satisfied and light on your feet, instead of stuffed and lethargic.

Keep the Dinner Conversation Upbeat

Debate can be healthy, but delving into serious topics with lots of different family members can take a nice meal in a tense direction real fast. Consider skipping the divisive topics and focus on lighter fare to avoid any table tantrums.

Wait 15 Minutes Before Seconds

Instead of joining in and going for seconds as soon as your first plate is finished, see if you can wait 15 minutes for your digestion to kick in. You may find you’re not as hungry as you previously thought!

Walk the Walk

Another great way to encourage healthy digestion and keep you feeling light after a large meal is to take a brisk walk. Encourage other family members to join you, and make it a group activity!