Benefiber® powder dissolves completely in water and is easily added to the things you normally eat and drink. Check out Benefiber’s fiber-rich recipes for ideas such as Buttermilk Buckwheat Pancakes and Celery Sticks with Salty Almond Butter. Look for Benefiber® powder products in grocery, drug and mass merchandise stores near you.

Benefiber® powder gives you the freedom to add fiber to your diet any way you choose so that you can increase your daily fiber intake. Learn how easy it is to mix taste-free, non-gritty Benefiber® powder into the things you normally eat and talk to your doctor about how to achieve a fiber-rich diet.


Unlike most other fiber powders, Benefiber® powder is a grit-free and non-thickening fiber supplement.


Benefiber® powder is taste-free, so you can add fiber to your beverages or meals without altering the taste.


Add Benefiber® powder to beverages (hot or cold) or soft foods that you normally eat. With Benefiber® powder, you have the freedom to take your fiber any way you choose, allowing you to easily increase your fiber intake.


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends that a healthy diet include 20–35 grams of dietary fiber daily from plant foods. Yet, most Americans only consumer about half of the recommended daily fiber amount. Benefiber® powder is a convenient fiber supplement that helps you increase your daily fiber intake easily and naturally. Each serving of Benefiber® powder provides 3 grams of soluble fiber. And for your convenience, Benefiber® powder is available in various sized canisters and premeasured stick packs for individual servings of fiber powder.